Integrated Sterilizer & Shredder (ISS) or also known as Autoclave with Integrated Shredder. It is a non-incineration solid medical hazardous waste treatment technology which is specially designed to convert B3 waste into non-B3 waste on-site at Health Service Facilities.



The ISS combines both steam sterilization and solid waste crushing processes in a single container equipped with a powerful crushing blade that rotates in both directions to reduce the size and volume of solid waste by up to 80%. The final processed product is Non-B3 Waste that is sterile, not known as Medical B3 Waste and cannot be misused.

ISS has been technologically verified and tested by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and was registered as the first Environmentally Friendly Technology in Indonesia in 2016, with Registration Number : 001 & 002/TRL/Reg-1/KLHK.

The benefits
ISS provides solutions for Health Service Facilities to treat Solid Medical B3 Waste (Infectious) by applying Environmentally Friendly Technology, significantly reducing waste management costs, creating a healthy and safe living environment internally and externally from Health Service Facilities.

Environmentally Friendly Technology Claims:

  • Does not use a combustion system (non-incineration).
  • Using steam and pressure sterilization technology integrated with the shredder (shredder) so as to reduce the volume of waste up to 80% of the initial volume.
  • Does not use chemicals.
  • The hot steam generated through a steam generator that uses an internal heater can save 25-30% of energy.

Environmentally friendly, the processing and processing results do not have a negative impact on health and the environment.

  • The results of the processing are sterile Non-B3 waste and are not harmful to the environment.
  • The processing results can be further processed as recycled materials, with reference to the applicable regulations.
  • Practical, does not require a special place or room for the installation of tools and processing processes.
  • Equipped with a monitoring system and an integrated security system with the latest technology.
  • Cost effectiveness, significant savings in waste management costs and unexpected risk costs, and has an economic value for processed products that can be recycled.

Referral Site

Our technology has been developed to deal with B3 waste. Some of our customer partners are, as follows.

  • RSUP Prof. Dr. R.D. Kandou, Manado – North Sulawesi
  • Bendan Hospital, Pekalongan – Central Java
  • Siloam Hospital Manado, Manado – North Sulawesi
  • Healthy Family Hospital, Pati – Central Java
  • Mitra Plumbon Hospital, Cirebon – West Java
  • Bunda Thamrin Hospital, Medan – North Sumatra
  • RSUP Dr. Karyadi, Semarang – Central Java
  • Eye Hospital, Manado – North Sulawesi
  • Syafira Hospital, Pekanbaru – Riau
  • Dr Oen Hospital Surakarta, Solo – Central Java
  • RS. Santa Maria, Pekanbaru – Riau