Compo Fuji

SANYU Group in collaboration with PT Enviro Meditech Pratama presents a solution so that people can recycle nutrients in order to present a better earth for the next generation.


SANYU Group in collaboration with PT Enviro Meditech Pratama presents a solution so that people can recycle nutrients in order to present a better earth for the next generation.


What is Compo Fuji?

Compo Fuji is a solution for waste and waste. We hope that Rapid Fermentation Composter technology will be the solution of choice and can support waste management infrastructure on farms; so as to improve animal health and veterinary public health. Waste and organic waste processing technology in a matter of hours that produces compost. This product has been used in various chicken, cattle and other animal farms; food estates; and helps deal with urban waste.

Since 1980...
Sanyu Group has produced and held the marketing rights for Compo Fuji, a high-speed fermentation composter technology.

In 1981, the Sanyu Group developed a new model, the Compo Fuji SK, with the technical cooperation of Sanyu Kogyosho. The first unit, along with two additional units, was handed over to the Takaoka Compost Production Association.
In September 2015, Sanyu Group started international business development, including with PT Enviro Meditech Pratama. In the same year, it  shipped 1 unit of Compo Fuji SK70 to the Philippines.

Developing Compo Fuji

Along with the growth of the agricultural sector, including livestock and plantations in it, it is necessary to have a large-capacity manure treatment system with low operating costs.

Compo Fuji SK was developed to present our fermentation process technology which has been developed over a long time and will continue to be improved along with the feedback provided by our technology users. Compo Fuji SK focuses on fertilizer production quality, durability, operation and operating costs and enables large capacity processing. SANYU Group in collaboration with PT Enviro Meditech Pratama presents a solution so that people can recycle nutrients in order to present a better earth for the next generation.

More about the system

COMPO FUJI is a vertical tank system. The bucket lifter lifts the organic waste and puts it into the input port automatically. Organic waste mixed with Agitation knife. The specially designed hydraulic drive system rotates the shaft with Agitation blades. With a top-in-bottom-out system, which is to enter organic waste from the top and remove it from the bottom. Organic waste that is added on the first day will continue to occupy the bottom layer in each addition of waste on the next day. Organic waste that is ripe and ready to be harvested is disposed of from the bottom door after processing.

Our technology has been certified as Environmentally Friendly Technology from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia. Compo Fuji is made with eco-consciousness in mind.

Annual reduction by the heat exchanger
Strong durability about
Installation space of the biggest model only
*8x8.5m. **Model SK100

Technology With Environmental Awareness​

Environmentally Conscious

Hi-Efficiency Heat Exchanger (Patent Pending)

A special heat exchanger that utilizes the heat of fermentation in garbage and organic waste. The heat inside the engine is exchanged for fresh air, then warm fresh air is sent to the inside of the tank. The exhaust gases are then removed. Do not use oil or gas to store heat in the tank. This system reduces 46,000 Kw of electricity per year. The total CO2 emission is equal to the absorption by 1000 cedar trees per year.

Deodorizing system

The exhaust air passes through a heat exchanger located above the tank, which is connected to the deodorizing system. The deodorizing system can be designed as needed.


Absorb odorous gases by using a water showering system.

Strong Durability

3 Layer Structure Tank

The 3-layer structure tank has strong durability. This prevents heat in the tank and prevents the influence of outside air temperature. The inner material of the 3 layers is stainless steel (SUS304).

Hydraulic drive

This part is specially designed for the agitation process and increases durability. A small but powerful unit that delivers effective overload protection and energy savings.

2 axis chain drive

The 2-axis chain drive is equipped with a bucket lift to carry material input into the tank. This mechanism is designed to increase user/operator security.

Excellent Operability

Direct input

Direct input without the need for humidity adjustment, so as to maintain a clean environment with a closed tank system.

Control panel

Easy operation with total control system from input to output. Agitation load monitor & air blower load monitor shows load situation in real time. This panel makes it easy to control the process and detect if there is an abnormal situation. The sequencer with self-diagnosis function identifies when an abnormal situation of in system occurs.

Remote control switch

Remote control for input lift makes operation easier (optional).

Japanese Standard

This technology is manufactured in and to Japanese standards.

Referral Site

Our technology has been developed to tackle organic waste on farms. Some of our customer partners are, as follows.

  • K Farm, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  • C Farm Philippines
  • H Food, Saga Japan
  • N Chicken farm,Yamaguchi Japan
  • K Food, Nagasaki Japan
  • K Industries, Oita Japan
  • N Meat, Okinawa Japan
  • M Daily farm, Noodle Japan
  • K Chicken farm, Hyogo Japan
  • H agricultural high school, Okinawa Japan
  • N Chicken farm, Aichi Japan