The product portfolio of the IVD & Molecular Diagnostics division includes molecular diagnostic technology and COVID-19 testing.

Trainmedics GT 96E

Trainmedics GT 96E is an RT-PCR instrument with a capacity of up to 96 samples for the amplification and detection of nucleic acids using the real time Polymerase Chain Reaction method.

With 6 channels for the detection of fluorescent dye with various wavelengths, an easy-to-use interface and software that integrates with the Windows system, and the ability to save up to more than 1000 experimental files, Trainmedics GT 96E is an advanced user-friendly solution for RT-PCR testing. .

Trainmedics LBX

Trainmedics LBX is an extractor instrument for the nucleic acid extraction process with the magnetic beads method, which ensures fast and accurate results. The semi-open system gives the user the freedom to apply various extraction protocols to 16/32 samples.

Enclosed design and equipped with UV lamps for disinfection before and after operation, ensuring both user safety and purity of the extracted nucleic acid.

Trainmedics Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

Trainmedics Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits are kits for the extraction of nucleic acids by the magnetic beads method for the automatic extraction process with Trainmedics LBX. An accurate extraction protocol in 18 minutes that doesn’t require any additional ingredients makes this kit the best solution for laboratories.
Each Trainmedics Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit consists of 4 pre-installed 96 deep well plates, each of which can be used to process 16 samples.